Henri-François Chadeisson


March 2008

The goal of this project is to implement a chess game with it's own playable AI.

The game might :

  • Replay recorded games from PNG logs
  • Allow 1 vs 1 games
  • Allow a player to play a game against the AI
  • Have it's own GUI, and be playable on a terminal

The AI module manages :

  • Opennings management
  • Optimization of each action by calculating some few parameters (king's safety, taken pieces, ...)

It is possible to make the AI play against another AI.

This project has been developped by groups of 4 students. Each group's AI has been run into a 14 days league. Our AI finished on the first place of the league (out of 55 AI).

Knowledge :

  • Boost libraries
  • AI algorithms

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June 2007

DaZel is a game that looks like a famous game named Zelda.

It has been developped during 4 weeks on a 4 persons group. Our work was divided in two parts :

  • Game developpement, using the C++, combinated with boost, TinyXML, SDL, ...
  • Map Editor, using Java (Swing, XML parsing, ...)

I worked on both parts of this project.

The game has been developped with a multiplayers mode (using splited screens)

Knowledge :

  • C++ expert knowledge aquired
  • SDL knowledge improoved
  • Using of Java's Swing library
  • XML files manipulation

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